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Advantages of Using Signage for Restaurants and Retail Businesses

Advantages of Using Signage for Restaurants and Retail Businesses

Historical evidence reveals that signs were the primary form of communication for merchants in ancient times. They were used to identify a shop, display prices, and differentiate a business from competitors. However, custom signage is still a substantial marketing solution among restaurants and retail stores worldwide. It is efficient yet cost-effective, unlike radio, newspaper, and TV ads that only run for a limited time and target a classified demographic. Now let’s dig deeper to explore what advantages you may expect from outdoor and indoor signage solutions.

Enhance Visibility and Sales

According to research by the Signage Foundation, signs have a great impact on increasing sales as 60% of businesses reported a 10% increase in sales by simply adding or upgrading their signs. Custom outdoor signage helps increase your brand visibility and drive traffic to your site by attracting potential customers. The most common type of outdoor advertising is billboards. These large-scale ads are highly effective in driving foot traffic as more than 82% of US consumers notice billboards while driving around the town.

Retail and shop signs are even more essential for introducing your brand to new customers and encouraging old ones to revisit your site. Outdoor signage can be in the form of 3D signage, neon signs, building wraps, side panels, poster advertisement, wall graphics, road signage design, and more. They help increase your brand recognition and boost sales. According to a study compiled by Mvix, digital signage can increase sales by 29.5%.

Encourage Communication and Engagement

Custom outdoor signage solutions help brands communicate with their target audience by conveying a targeted message. This visible form of communication informs customers about the brands’ products, services, and unique selling points. The quality and attractiveness of the signs make customers’ perception of the brand and leave a certain impression on them.

According to a study by Brand Spark, almost 41% of consumers have made perception about a brand’s quality based on the quality of their signage. So whatever form of custom signage you choose, be it a digital signage display or a 3D outdoor signage, you must pay great attention to its content, graphics, typography, and colors while maintaining clarity and conciseness.

People do not have enough time to read signs for more than a few seconds, so you must include only a handful of words and convincing graphics to attract and influence the target audience. However, indoor LED sign boards, digital graphics, and custom stickers are the most preferred indoor signage for business to guide, entertain, and engage customers in restaurants and stores while enhancing the décor of the place.

Gives a Competitive Advantage

Every business finds it challenging to stand out among a sea of competitors. However, creative 3D outdoor signage at storefronts can be a great differentiator in this regard. Custom signs make customers identify you as a distinct business and stand out among competitors. Unique and creative outdoor signboard design displayed at a storefront attracts customers, builds their perception of your business, and draws them into your store effortlessly. However, the right placement of outdoor advertising signs is equally crucial.

Wayfinding road signage design should be placed at high traffic areas near your business location to direct maximum customers towards your store. Onsite signs give the added benefit of revealing your physical presence among a crowd of other brands. Similarly, interesting digital signage display around the roadsides has a huge impact on encouraging impulse sales and increasing brand recognition.

24/7 Promotion

Brand promotion should be done round the clock so that you don’t miss a single chance of advertising your business through outdoor signboard design. No matter whether the sun is out or not, no matter whether your business is open or closed, you can enjoy 24/7 promotion with effective outdoor signage. LED sign boards, illuminated 3D signage, and neon signs are great at it as they advertise traditionally during the day and light up at night to attract even more attention.

Lightbox cabinets also advertise round the clock and are highly cost-effective. Creatively designed 3D signage solutions displayed confidently outside your business triggers people’s consciousness and thus makes your brand stick to their memories for a long time. Vehicle branding done through car custom stickers and wraps is another great way to promote your business whenever you want while impacting a large number of potential customers daily.

Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

People might believe that promoting business through TV ads, radio, and newspapers can help them attract more customers than using custom signage solutions. However, marketers and advertisers have proved it to be incorrect. As per their analysis, in the past 10 years, the number of promotional benefits through the above-mentioned advertising types has experienced a significant decline.

Whereas personalized signage gives your business great exposure while being much more cost-effective. When you advertise your business through social media or TV ads, you are charged multiple times, which eventually makes it much more expensive. However, when you opt for custom outdoor signage or indoor signage solutions, you just have to pay once. Moreover, it does not require too much maintenance once installed.

Custom signs are a great differentiator, a unique wayfinding solution, and an essential element of your business marketing strategy. Signs can be in any shape or form and both small and large businesses in Dubai benefit from them as a marketing tool.

However, if you are looking for the best signage company in Dubai to advertise your business, then Shaheen Advertisement has got you covered with its impeccable designs and printing services. Quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction is our top-most priority.

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