LED and Neon

A New Era of Advertisement

 Now advertisement has gone under dramatic change within some years in Dubai and even throughout the world. Thus, that is the reason Shaheen Advertisement is ready to deliver you the best services in the UAE. People and companies are now following the approach of LED and neon signage for their outdoor and indoor signage. Not only the big business but a wide range of small businesses are also using these signs for their advertisement. These signs are very economical and boost the business up.

LED Sign Board

Presenting you accessible and extraordinary-looking versatile neon style LED signs. These signs are created by cutting edge options in contrast to customary neon signs, manufactured by using adapting tubing edges that contain little LED lights that are intended to imitate eye-softening neon tubes. We offer a wide range of these easy-to-mount cool trendy and best-quality neon lights. Our LED sign boards can be shipped anywhere around the globe and are highly effective in money and energy-saving solutions.

Indoor signage, outdoor signage

Backlit Signage

These signages are a semi- clear signage sort of structure or decal that is set before a light source. The placement allows the light to shine from the back of the decal and thus creates attractive and illuminated signage.

This backlit signage can be used indoors and outside as well as they look appealing and easy to read. They are generally utilized as retail façade signage so used as a store’s name and logo. Organizations mostly use them for store-side or road promotional purposes. They can be personalized according to your choice in the case of lights and fonts.

Neon signage

Neon lights and signage have got more popularity after the 20th century as they have become new, safer, and more energy efficient. Cheap Neon signs have allowed more people to enjoy the experience of high-quality glass neon tubes with a greater range of options while costing comparatively less!

Thanks to the affordability and energy efficiency that it’s safe to buy neon LED products. You can buy neon sign photos or neon signs for a wedding is very trendy. They can be customized into any color and font style of your choice. They add a stunning addition to your wedding party by ordering a neon sign for the wedding.  You can add a unique touch with neon bar signs and neon sculptures or any unique sign for any purpose of your company.

Not only for personal use but businesses are finding these modern neon signs in Dubai an attractive thing for their customers. Outdoor neon signs can be manufactured as the opening of a new store or as an instruction to Order here. They are mainly found lightening up the coffee shops, beauty salons, and neon quote signs found in nightclubs and yoga studios.  They look attractive for taking selfies in restaurants and shopping malls. They can be customized in any color and shape to advertise your message for the brand.

Choose Us and Get Exciting Benefits

For years Shaheen Advertisement are offering the best LED and neon signage in UAE. You can enjoy our facilities in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi without any inconvenience.  Neon lights and LED signage look sophisticated and illuminated with various color ranges. They are easy to install and maintain because they contain small tubes that can be refilled and give luminous light to the place.  We offer the best quality services in Dubai and offer complete satisfaction to our clients from ordering to delivering.

Best Sellers

'Dreaming' Led Neon Sign

'Just Relax' Led Neon Sign

'Crown' Led Neon Sign

'Game On' Led Neon Sign

'Lightning Strike' Led Neon Sign

Light Box Signage

Light box signage is the most used indoor and outdoor signage.  They illuminate 3D lights that are easy to read and advertise your logo and the name of the company.  They can be customized with your preference to any light size and shape. You can choose from the font, size, and color of your sign.

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