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Outdoor Signage services in UAE, Advertisement Solutions | Shaheen Advertisements

Outdoor Signage

Outdoor Signage Solutions at the Best Signage Company In UAE

Outdoor signs are a popular advertising option among businesses in UAE. Being highly visible and attention-grabbing, outdoor signage for business advertisements prove to be a great investment for achieving massive brand recognition and customer attention. However, when you plan to design outdoor advertising solutions, the first step is to find the best signage company in Dubai, which is without a doubt, Shaheen Advertising. We help the corporate world all across the UAE including Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi revolutionize its outlook and enjoy improved brand recognition with top-notch custom outdoor signage solutions.

At Shaheen Advertising, we create all types of signage solutions for your diverse marketing needs:

3D Front Illuminated Outdoor Signage

Front illuminated 3D sign boards are usually mounted on the walls of business locations, restaurants, storefronts, and large commercial buildings. These 3D illuminated signs light up at night and advertise traditionally during the day. We make the best 3D outdoor signage solutions in different sizes, shapes, depths, and materials such as acrylic, PVC, foam, and metals. Our vibrant outdoor signage lighting offers a modern look to your commercial premises while attracting maximum attention from the audience.

3D Back Illuminated Outdoor Signage

Back illuminated 3D signs are widely used by companies to modernize the look of their commercial premises and advertise day and night. The LED lights fitted at the back of the semi-clear letters shine from behind to create illuminated custom signage.  However, they should be designed by professional designers if you want to maximize their impact. Our company has a team of creative professionals that will craft high-quality and modern back lit 3D outdoor signage solutions considering your business’s exclusive requirements.

Push Through Outdoor Signage

Push through signs are popular for their sensational look and quality. With our precise machinery, we cut detailed letters and shapes from all kinds of plastics and metals. Then cut out the outline of the corresponding shapes on the face of the panel, by which the thick lettering is pushed through to give a three dimensional look. By using different colored Led lights and vinyl films, we can achieve infinite colors and designs for your outdoor signs.

Channelume Outdoor Signage

Channelume outdoor signage is popular for attracting attention and emphasizing the image of the company. The thick and bold three dimensional letters and graphics are usually seen on building exteriors, shopping centers, and commercial sites. Our channelume signs are tailored to your specific requirements and can handle extreme weather conditions while remaining as good as new for the longest of time.


A lightbox cabinet is an excellent choice for outdoor advertising. The box is usually made of plastic and is illuminated from the inside. With our extensive customizations, you can get it customized in desired shapes and sizes with any color of emitting light. The fonts, shapes, and graphics can be made as eye-catching as you want to be. Lightboxes are cost-effective yet leave a great impression on the audience.

Stainless Steel Signage

Stainless steel signs are the most suitable custom outdoor signage option for their extreme endurance against weather conditions. This type of sign is highly durable and remains as good as new for a longer time. You can choose any size, form, and color and we’ll create effective and stylish stainless steel plaques and engraved signs as per your requirement with ultimate perfection.

Neon signs

Nothing attracts attention like a bright attention-grabbing neon sign. This retro style custom business signage stands out even in crowded areas with its explicit colorful lights. Our highly experienced team is all set to create matchless designs of neon signs for you depending on your exclusive requirements and ideas. Our custom-designed neon signs are vibrant, funky, and unprecedented.

Aluminum metal signage

Custom aluminum signs are perfect for both outdoor and indoor advertising. Your signs are made to last when you get them designed at Shaheen Advertising. Our rust-free aluminum and fade-resistant inks create long-lasting and stylish aluminum signs for your custom business signage needs. Get them personalized with unique logos, fonts, and graphics in desired forms and sizes to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Wooden signage

Wooden signs are a traditional form of advertising and are highly admired for their classic feel and grandeur. They are durable, timeless, and will make people think of your business as well-established and prestigious. You can get your wooden custom signage engraved or color-filled based on your preference. They can also be illuminated with lights for improved visibility at night. Our custom-made wooden signs are painted for UV protection.

LED sign Boards

Our LED sign boards are extremely eye-catching, vibrant, and flexibly customizable. They are much more long-lasting than conventional signs. The little LED lights used in them mimic the look of neon signs while using lesser energy. Our custom-made LED sign boards are lightweight, easy to mount, cost-effective, and durable. Choose from our wide collection or share your exclusive outdoor signboard design ideas to get bespoke LED sign boards created by our highly professional designers.

Vehicle Branding

Vehicle branding is one of the best ways to advertise locally and impact a huge number of potential clients on a daily basis. To make it even more impactful, our team designs impeccable graphics to amplify the look of your vehicles while turning them into an effective media channel for your business. We provide full vehicle wraps, half vehicle wraps, and vehicle graphics designed and installed with absolute perfection. 

Vinyl Lettering and Decals

These flexible signage options include banners, flags, flexes, and billboards. They can be installed anywhere including doors, windows, walls, floors, and vehicles. They are great at spreading the brand message to a massive audience and can be used as both indoor and outdoor advertising solutions. You can get them made with vinyl, mesh, canvas, fabric, and other materials and with vibrant custom printing of designs and graphics at highly affordable rates from us.

Construction Site Signage

Construction site signage is used for high-profile construction projects. They involve billboard-like site signs to explain the project details. They can also be used to highlight danger signs, caution signs, and warning labels to help people on the job site stay safe by taking the necessary precautionary measures. We are here to customize them for you with various materials in all sizes and forms with custom font styles, colors, and graphics.


At Shaheen Advertising, we are equipped with everything that it takes to create winning signage solutions for your unique advertising purposes. Our creative designers design impeccable custom outdoor and indoor signage solutions as per your exclusive brand requirements with ultimate perfection. The use of premium materials and cutting edge technology enables us to create durable and effective outdoor signage for business setups all across the UAE. Being the best full-service signage company in Dubai, we offer high-quality signage solutions at affordable rates while providing excellent installation and maintenance services as well.

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